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Copyright and Neighbouring Rights

Copyright: Commission urges industry to deliver innovative solutions for greater access to online content

Mason was willing to make one generalization about the way the music industry is changing. Music was once a “fast-moving consumer good” and could be marketed accordingly, he said. Now it’s more “relationship based.” Instead of running an ad and trying to convince someone to buy a song or an album immediately, musicians need to focus on building a relationship, then in six months they can sell their fans a t-shirt or a digital download — and hopefully continue selling to those fans for the rest of their career.

Sometimes the way they do is not strictly right. Many people think about “searching for torrents on trackers” in the sense of a service that retrieves torrents thanks to a user’s text query. But this perception is really based on the mixing of two concepts: that of trackers and that of Catalogs or Indexes.


VODO has announced the cliffhanger movie “Deadside" which is distributed free (CC BY-NC-ND). 
The story is about a girl who takes participation into no ending conflict between good and evil.
Who will win? Let’s search, see and support this film!
And let’s try the new BTDigg feature that provides detailed information about an actual torrent by a given info-hash.